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We work with our customers to develop equipment solutions tailored to printing their inks or advanced materials on specific substrates to streamline their development cycle and create exciting new products

Ink Formulation Expertise

Sensor Films offers the ability to have unique functionality built into your ink. Our Ink Formulation team is staffed by scientists who have extensive experience in formulating functional materials for the piezo inkjet deposition process. We work with your team to understand your objectives and build an ink that meets your needs for a high volume production environment.

Sensor Films will assist the customer during all stages of ink formulation development, from initial feasibility to final commercialization for an industrial, high speed, piezo ink jet printer. Current focus is on printing and patterning conductive materials for the printed electronics industry.

We provide the following formulation capabilities:

  • water-based, solvent-based, UV-curable and solid wax inks
  • incorporation of functional materials in the ink
  • technology to stabilize functional materials in the ink
  • formulate for optimal performance in the printing system
  • provide ink and substrate recommendations for future development and commercialization
  • assist in ink scale-up and commercialization, utilizing Phase and Gate methodology to establish goals and assess results

Let Us Help You

Our team of experienced scientists, engineers and business professionals brings a broad range of skills to the challenge of designing robust manufacturing systems for our target markets in

Printable electronics

Pattern-wise deposition of resists, etchants, conductive inks and dielectrics on common plastic substrates for the production of bus bars, membrane switches, pressure sensors, medical test kits and other devices

Touch Sensors

We offer practical solutions to pattern transparent conductive films to create invisible conductive traces enabling easy access to flexible light weight touch sensors

Specialty graphics

High quality graphical design from solvent and aqueous inks on porous, plastic and rigid substrates on planar and three-dimensional objects

Hybrid Systems

Printing of decorative and functional inks on a broad range of substrates integrated with automated materials handling and in-line placement of electronic components and device encapsulation

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers and with their global supply chain partners to design innovative production systems to achieve of low cost, high volume production processes. Our scalable manufacturing processes are tailored to customer applications and workflows.