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Sensor Films Incorporated (SFI) today announced the availability of a versatile manufacturing system for high volume digital deposition of decorative graphic and functional materials on flexible, porous and rigid substrates.

The new Starlight Digital Manufacturing Platform is a sheet fed ink jet deposition system that uses proprietary solid ink technology to pattern materials such as 4-color UV ink sets, resists, conductors and dielectrics serving the specialty graphics and printable electronics industries.

The announcement was made during the 2015 SGIA Printed Electronics Symposium in Atlanta where Starlight is being demonstrated. The product represents SFI’s first product entry. In the near term the company plans to unveil more digital processing equipment offering customers a means for the mass production of the next generation of flexible, low cost devices for rapid prototyping and high throughput manufacturing.

“The Starlight product offers numerous advantages,” said Peter Hessney, Sensor Films President. “Starlight’s digital manufacturing capability delivers improved workflows and shorter cycle times, and allows for reduced physical inventory and economical short run jobs.”

“The Starlight Platform’s versatility enables the mass production of everything from high-value electronic components to four-color decorative graphics. It features scalable production architecture to roll-to-roll configurations with 60 microns fine lines, image resolution up to 600 x 2400 dpi; printable textures to 200 microns, and print speeds of 100-feet per minute,” Hessney said.

Among Starlight’s other features:

  • Large area platen accommodating high throughput demands;
  • High resolution deposition of conductive and 4-color UV inks, plus stretchable inks for thermomoldable forms;
  • Rapid dry masking and stripping on transparent conductive films;
  • Digital deposition of functional materials on plastics, cardboard, textiles, ceramics and glass

Starlight’s key is the system’s rugged piezo ink jet head architecture, Hessney said.
Utilizing stainless steel construction, Starlight’s print heads are compatible with virtually any type of ink chemistry including solvent, aqueous, and UV inks. The jet stack can be operated at temperatures as high as 140°C. This increases the latitude of materials that can “jetted” by allowing temperature to be used to adjust material viscosity to an appropriate level.

”This opens up new opportunities to formulate functional materials for digital deposition that have been previously cost prohibitive. Such new materials and processes will create new features, components and devices that are fast, and efficient to produce and are low cost,” Hessney said.

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Sensor Films Inc. has developed a manufacturing platform for high throughput production printing applications from printable electronic components utilizing transparent conductive inks and films to 4- color decorative graphics on a wide range of flexible, porous and rigid substrates — all tailored to existing operations and workflow. We serve the specialty graphics and printable electronics industries with production solutions to implement new technologies enabling rapid access to new markets and customers read this post here. Our modular approach enables mass production of simple electronic components on flexible substrates at price points that enable product designers to incorporate features in price sensitive electronic devices that were previously considered cost prohibitive.

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