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Aerospace and Defense

Creating high flying components and assemblies

  • Aerospace and defense contractors are increasingly adopting additive manufacturing for a variety of applications involving electronic circuits or decorative graphics on flexible, lightweight substrates.
  • SFI is working with industry leaders to apply digital ink jet deposition of multiple materials to generate prototypes and develop scalable production processes.
  • Additive manufacturing processes can produce complex structures quickly and enable rapid assessment of innovative larger scale production systems.


Capturing the design benefits of a digital workflow

  • Additive manufacturing is the difference between turning down potential business and cost-effective delivery of a unique product solution. Digital printing simplifies design elements, streamlines assembly and shortens time to market.
  • Our partners are leaders in electronic manufacturing services who are adopting digital ink jet deposition of decorative and electronic materials to simplify production of appliances and many other industrial products.


Accelerating time to market via scalable production solutions

  • SFI is working with leading automotive companies to develop advanced manufacturing solutions to rapidly assess prototypes with scalable processes capable of very high volume production.
  • Our partners are interested in digital printing of decorative inks for applications in interior design and in functional inks that can create flexible electronic assemblies.
  • The equipment must work flawlessly and deliver very high uptime with highly efficient materials use and very low waste providing low production costs.

Consumer Electronics

Putting printable electronics on display!

  • The application of digital ink jet additive manufacturing processes to consumer electronic devices enables high levels of customization and unique feature sets for highly differentiated product offerings.
  • Our partners are leading OEMs looking for efficient manufacturing processes that make customized displays easily accessible.
  • The deposition of decorative and electronic features directly on glass substrates is changing the way production processes operate today.

Glass Decoration

Adding color and functionality to large glass surfaces

  • Glass surfaces play an important role in our daily lives, from compact consumer electronics to architectural building components. The ability to add functionality to these surfaces is of intense interest to market leaders.
  • Our partners are depositing reactive materials that add functionality to glass surfaces using equipment that is scalable to their full production requirements.

Internet of Things

Connecting people and machines in an interactive world

  • The one thing the internet of everything needs is a scalable production solution for sophisticated designs at manufactured cost levels that support widespread adoption.
  • Our partners are applying scalable production processes to the design of wearable devices that will provide real-time data in context to aid decision making or enhance user experience.

Medical Devices

Enabling health management outside the doctor’s office

  • Physicians are seeking the means for less costly, more compliant and easier monitoring devices for use by their patients.
  • Our partners are using digital ink jet additive manufacturing procedures in concert with established blood analysis techniques to create scalable production processes for personal analytical devices.

Smart Packaging

Delivering enhanced value with smart packages

  • Smart packaging serves to attract attention, authenticate contents, ensure freshness, report time and temperature and many other features.
  • Our partners are interested in digital ink jet printing of conductive and other functional inks on flexible substrates to create responsive surfaces for product monitoring purposes.

Touch Sensors

Putting the world in touch

  • Consumers increasingly looking for a touch enabled human-machine interface as the preferred mode of operation on all electronic devices.
  • Our partners are applying digital ink jet additive manufacturing techniques to create highly efficient processes for the key steps in the manufacture of touch modules.


Printing with electronic inks for the world of wearables

  • Wearable devices that monitor ambient environmental conditions or personal biometric signals have received intense interest from leading manufacturers and early adopters of new technologies.
  • Our partners are recognized leaders in devices for personal healthcare who are applying digital ink jet additive manufacturing processes to the development of new health monitoring devices.